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2_thumb[2] Withdraw to win is  a game where you have to withdraw Rs.15000 from HDFC BankATMs in shortest possible time to win attractive prizes.Click here to play .

Thanks to Ritika for sharing this contest and do share all contests which you are participating .

“Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you  stop caring. So dream, hope and love the blog and share contests with others and make Life of bloggers like us and users beautiful “

A subscriber of the blog has won a WD TV HD “Nsist on Nvidia Contest “ which i posted in blog recently  and i have received my Saffola , Road to  sangam cd ,a twilight merchandise ,Ipod,Black-berry,  Ipod charger ,wireless headphone,movie discount coupons from the contests and discount offers which are posted in the blog during the last ten days.

If you have patience and will to win,subscribe to blog and participate in the contests which are regularly posted in blog . 

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  1. kunal  

    I had pariticipated in every contest you have mentioned earlier. i always wait for your post. but till today i haven't received anything except a game cd from USA and super activ capsules.

    I got that i have won a twilight merchandise but till today i haven't received it. i got mail for my sd cards i didn't received even those. No saffola, no iPod no corby nothing.

    I will keep participate in the contests you will mention in future. lets hope for the best.

    thanks for your posts


  2. sarat  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  3. Admin  

    good attitude,this is wht needed in contest world..hope for the best

    i started particating contests 6 to 7 months before and it took nearly so much time t reach this stage

  4. Admin  

    i mistaeknly deleted ur comment..u get it from usps postal service if u have won

    ipod charger is not a freebie.it is from tradus offer which is posted in blog and it is a big savings for me and as well my friend who ordered 10 items and got all correctly:P


    Hello Winoath
    Getting the prizes
    1. colgate sample
    2. Candle
    3. Super energy

  6. rahul  

    is that hdfc contest hacked??? all top scores are of darryl..
    has any1 noticed??

  7. Nidhi  


    I received the following things in the past month:

    1. Superactive capsules
    2. Saffola Functional Food (my mom also got one)
    3. Twilight Merchandise (Novel)
    4. Road to Sangam Merchandise (CD)
    5. Candle from C2W Cancer Quiz (It was posted in December)

  8. Nidhi  

    Also my friend Mandeep who had won the first prize in Candid Christmas contest and Mongini Special Moment's has got his prizes - DVD Player and Mongini's gift voucher also

  9. Kitchen Sinks  

    I Like contest very much....good work...please update on regular basis..thanks for sharing information

  10. gallery 802  

    Wow....good...anyone can join this to play this contest

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