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COTD - Sing and Act
1A. Joan   1D. John    2A. Curt
2D. Corr   3D. Ross    4A. Hill     
5D. Love   6A. Ann     6D. Ark
7A. Kris     7D. Keys    8A. Ja
9A. Gene   9D. Gary   10A. Burl
10D. Bing  11D. Moe  12D. Bob
13A. Boi     14A. Joe    14D. Judy
15A. Big     16D. Ice    17A. Pun  
18D. Hugh   19D. Art  20A. Joel
20D. Joe      21D. Led  22D. Jay
23A. Ray  24A. Ant  25A. Huey

26A. Day 


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  1. KRISHNA  


  2. gulu333  

    answers for cotd for 9/2/10 pls post it now not tommorrow because then it is useless to gain ponts pls pls pls

  3. Amit Garg  


    8a towel
    5a hot
    4a march
    17a swims
    1a few
    10a ent
    23a piano
    14a mary
    26a river
    18a ace
    15a time
    7a gold
    25a fire

    16d eye
    9d word
    21d wine
    1d frog
    19d coin
    24d one
    3d stars
    22d wind
    6d blue
    20d water
    12d heart
    14d music
    17d sand
    11d not
    13d smile
    2d shirt

  4. Winoath  

    gud finding,then why can't u post answer :P of todays; cotd

    you are a c2w mad for more than a year,but i am not..i have collage assessments and i am studying for it and i dont come online and waste time in the day.it is 3 'o clock in the morning and studying ..so if u want pts,play cotd.i never told u not to play..u are always thinking abt c2w ..

    thanks amit..

  5. kalyanigopu  

    Answers of Today's COTD C2W:

    COTD - Musical Numbers
    Dated 10th February 2010


    2A- 10538

    18A - 100

    24A - 1000

    17A - 100

    12A - 100

    10A - 100

    8A - 409

    22A - 1939

    15A - 2468

    11A - 2000

    23A - 21

    3A - 65000

    19A - 30

    20A - 24

    26A - 25

    27A - 1963

    13A - 911

    28A - 269

    7A - 100

    5A - 100


    4D- 1000


    5D - 1000

    21D - 1913

    11D - 2000

    10D - 1980

    25D - 22

    26D - 29

    2D - 1000

    19D - 30000

    16D - 45789

    1D - 1000

    17D - 110

    20D - 2525

    8D - 400

    14D - 1914

    6D - 54321

    There's some problem with filling the numbers.. So fill it carefully..

    Thought it will be useful and posted it..

  6. Winoath  

    Thanks kalyanigopu.but some things are not accepting :P

    I try avoiding posting answers with incomplete answers.IF someone who already played gave the answers for those things,help others,i will post it .

    Hats off to u both(amit & kalyani ) for giving answers.

  7. Amit Garg  


    Dude, u r right.. No need to post answers which are incomplete.. It may create a negative image towards ur blog.. U r totally justified..

    But think of other people also brother who are unnecessarily missing out on some quick prize points.. Even if some are missing, most of them are there.. And dude, the problem is not with the answers, its with the crossword, some RIGHT answers don't fit in even.. So actually the creator of these COTDs is little careless..

    Nevermind, he is still giving us an oppurtunity to gain some valuable prize points on a daily basis.. HATS OFF TO HIM, RATHER..

    SO, vinoth, i would request you to please post the answers, even if they are incomplete, so that maximum people can benefit from them.. Not everybody checks into the comments section..

    Otherwise, if u r still not content, and care very much regarding the potential of ur blog, then atleast do post that, that whatever answers are incomplete can be found in the comments section, and explain it in the same beautiful manner like u have been doing all this long.. With pictures n all..

    Good luck bro..

    Take care..

  8. Winoath  

    One small correction amit..it is not he ,...it is she and she is my freind amru :P

    She jsut creates cotd like ordinary user..so there is no mistake in her part.it is the problem with c2w and not with my freind

    people who want answers can get from comments :P .

  9. kalyanigopu  

    Answers for COTD

    COTD - Conflicting Proverbs

    Dated 11th February


    16A - SORRY

    4A - SAME

    15A - PEN

    24A - BLISS

    19A - GIFTS

    12A - COVER

    21A - ALIKE

    18A - MAKE

    22A - MEAT

    9A - WISE

    11A - CROWD

    1A - OLD

    23A - LOST [The answer is given in the question itself,by mistake]

    6A - FREE

    8A - NAIL


    14D - CHEAP

    13D - ONE

    7D - LOST

    3D - WISE

    6D - FLOCK

    20D - SMALL

    5D - MIND

    11D - COOKS

    18D - MEANS

    10D - SPICE

    17D - RAINS

    9D - WORK

    2D - LIES

  10. Amit Garg  


    No issues brother.. Totally your call.. U call the shots here.. ;)

    Take care..

  11. uma  

    Answers for IQ TEST

    1 - C
    2 - D
    3 - A
    4 - C
    5 - B
    6 - C
    7 - C
    8 - C
    9 - A
    10 - D

  12. song bird  

    so many comments for this post!
    i got a lil scared! i thot it mite b complaints abt my cotd! phew! thank god its nt! :D
    thnks vinu and thnks amit..
    the errors are due to some c'word s/w prob. i cannot do anything abt it. bt i understand that the '2lettr words' r creating probs! so frm nw on ill mk sure that i dont inc. any more 2lettr words. ok. thnks..

  13. Winoath  


    Dun worry..people thinking that u are not giving points..ha ha ha..pls give me madam...i saw some comments in cotd..hide from them,they gonna beat u for that 10 points :P
    I dont allow people to complain abt my frineds or enemies in comments .

    P.s:I used to get mails from a girl :P .But i am not getting nowdays.She forgot me .(Sad )

    My project work is killing me.I hope that i receive that mail daily before i goto college in the morning or on the previous day .
    Use f11 to click fullscreen in IE..it will be easy for u to take snap.

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