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Do you know,you have to give double the value of prize points to redeem your prizes now.The trick to getting prize points is  getting active referrals to c2w.com .

If your friend has signed up & created 10 contests which are approved, then you get 500 Prize Points! & earned a total of 2000 Prize Points, by playing Contests another 500 Prize Points.

Eventhough your friends join c2w.com,they are not using after 2 to 3 days because they don't know the answers.If you tell that they can answers from my site,they will surely get 2000 points and you will get referral points.

Just click referrals in your left hand side of your profile page and send them a invite with the following message in green (copy and paste) instead of the boring old message and  see the increase in referrals and your points .  If you don’t understand ,click this image


And type  your mail id also and forward it or send it via orkut and facebook and type it also in your referrals message box.

I’m having a great time on playing and winning prizes . They have given more than 600 prizes in the past 30 days…Cell phones ,IPods,Airtel digital tv, Sony play stations, contact lenses, fast track eyewear's, laptop bags, BIGFlix.com Gift Vouchers ,Crossword Gift Vouchers ,Cool C2W Caps,T-shirts Original movie CDs,DVD’s, Free tickets to movies

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers of these contests. You can get the answers of all these contests at


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  1. samsonrf1234  

    Thanks a million times the entire group
    u guys rock
    and i dont type this bcoz u want us 2 post comments
    but i really mean it

  2. NiTiN S ShaRmA  

    hey wat r referals & also...........

    ya prize game!!!
    if v play it . a specific game again & again ............. vl v b able to get prize points 4 every time v hav played................... E.G
    if v r playin poll of the day 3 times .its just 1 ans sop 5 pts...........but 4 playin it 3 times vl v get 15 pts .....thats my question !!!!

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