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COTD - Check your English

1D. House         
2D. Dove           
3A. Rerun
3D. Raven   
4D. Natal               
5A. Worms             
6A. Sewer
7D. Relay          
8A. Ares
9D. Rebel        
10A. Male
11D. Bass  
12D. Job 
13A. Pasty
13D. Pate    
14D. Lead    
15A.  Sow
16D. Wound
17A. Lima  
18A. Bow  
19A. Are   
20D. Row 
21A. Does
22D. Sake
23D. Tear
24D. Do
25A. Nun
26D. Nice 
27A. Axes
28A. Wind
29D. Mow 
30A. Close   
31A. Ewe


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  1. Anonymous  

    Do you think C2W is working.
    I have not received anything i have redemeed so far.
    Many are also telling the same.
    What do you think.
    Please reply.
    Is it worth playing each day and spending time in it.
    My email id is flowerpretty@rocketmail.com

  2. Winoath  

    I already told this


    please read the blogpsots before asking the same question again and again...i am not the owner of c2w...i am a ordinary user like u....why u keep on asking me even after showing so many proofs...if u dont like it,please quit it yaar...

    pls reply means that i never replied to u?

    d u think u are playing in c2w..u spending hardly 5 minutes with answers in blog....i am spending nearly a hour and i don t get bored..

    ur mail id...i never approve comments with mail id and told even not to give mail id..if u get spam mails and invites ,i am not responisble......

  3. Winoath  

    i commented rudely becasue that u cant even say ur name ?

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