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If you are wondering why you are not getting freebies or prizes like me,it is  because of postal theft only.I am not even get anything except prizes from c2w and a learn -next cd in the past months.I was even  the first to apply those freebie stuffs.Some users are lucky to get all these things.

How to overcome postal theft ?
As long as people like them are there,nothing can be done.

Then what is the solution ?
You can use your office address( parents ) or address of your friends or relatives house who is getting freebies.But make sure you use  the name of people who living in that house.Our fellow c2w friend srinidhi whose father is DCP in Bangalore uses police station address so that they never steal them out of fear.He only told me about postal thefts.

Is  all courier people are bad ?
But we cant say that all courier people are bad.c2w send me a DVD with name as www.contests2wins.blogspot.com since i didn't changed my name in my profile after roopal got the prize from c2w in one week.He is a nice guy and knows that i use weird names and gave it to me .In the previous time,they send it to "sam" since my mail id was sam8538 for c2w accounts.

Instead of telling that we are not getting those things,try to be smart from next time using other addresses which may get those things to you .

I am also using my friend address nowadays.Hope it solves our problem for non-delivery.Instead of complaining about the sites ,we should blame the courier people only or make some smart things to overcome this problem .

I will be posting lot of iPods,psp’s,cameras,pen drives in February if users send it to me .These snaps were sent by only one user of my blog .He keeps on sending me the snaps and he keeps on winning more things .He has won things more than 20000 rupees through my blog in two months by putting a little bit of hard work .You can win only if you participate in those contests.You will never get them if you just visit those sites and leave without participating. So try to participate in all the contests from now on and don't lose hope .A  jackpot is waiting for you and your hard work will be rewarded one day.

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  1. shipradas  

    I've redeemed MP3 Player in the month of October but till date I've not received the same after several reminders through email as well as over phone.

  2. Winoath  

    little sad to hear..

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