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  1. Amit Garg  


    There's a better site than Way2sms.. Its called 'Indyarocks.com'.. The per-sms characters limit is also much more that what is provided by Way2sms (140 characters)..

    And there's a BUG with Way2sms.. Many times, your sms doesn't get delivered at all.. That's not the case with Indyarocks.. Even on holidays, you don't have to worry about the sms not being delivered..

    I started out with Way2sms, then moved on to '160by2.com', a fairly better site than way2sms but far too slow.. And now, I finally got my hands on this wonderful site..

    So fella, research for this site on the net and post some interesting stuff on your blog, like you did for way2sms, which doesn't deserve all those accolades...!!!

    Try it, you will love it..


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