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Are you a last minute shopper ?

Yes,i don’t spend time for shopping.

 lockerz got camera india sony lockerz proof of camera

My friend Arushi Aggarwal has got the camera(No shipping ,customs,tax) and sent me snapsBig Grin.She is the top commentator of my blog and busy Cryingnowadays because of her  job .Thanks didi for sparing time in sending me the snaps during Christmas holidaysBirthday Cake.Also to Sathish uncle for talking the snaps.

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  1. Mohit  

    here are the COTD answers for 28th Dec...



  2. Saikat  

    I was just looking at the Lockerz page on facebook and one of its recent comments said "Check out your Hallway at Lockerz.com for holiday fun throughout the day!" Does anybody know what the hallway is for? Is it a seperate link that I've missed? Someone plz reply..

  3. mahinur  

    but when she had redeemed.......

  4. Amit Garg  


    That seems pretty cool...

    Congrats dude, to your friend Arushi for receiving such a nice product from Lockerz.. And thanks to members like her, we are able to trust Lockerz even more..

    Thanks Arushi for the contribution...

    By the way Vinoth, do u have any idea when will the lockerz guys let the general members (not the z-listers) participate in the redemption process..??

  5. Winoath  


    Hallway is nothing but the age where u see the videos or the homepage which comes when u login...

  6. Winoath  

    It was during first redemtion.I Takes 8 weeks for shipping to india

  7. Winoath  

    Sorry ,they are busy sending money to paypal this week and receipt to people who redeemed..one of my friend also got 50 dollar to her paypal account...

    They will announce later abt redemption

  8. biswaranjan  

    i have got 50$ from lockerz today in my paypal account.
    lockerz is great........

  9. Winoath  

    Ok biswa..thanks for telling us u have got it :)

  10. Arushi  

    Hi Friends..

    I also got 50USD from Lockerz in my account.

    Was able to redeem an ipod but there was a technical glitch..so they ofeered 50USD today

  11. Winoath  

    gr8 arushi,,

    u are lucky..i think u are the only one who redeemed in both the waves and getting both the things.

    P.s:why the hell i had exams the next day during Z-list redemption :(

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