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Free Re-Mission Game CD and DVD
Just fill the form to get a free mission game CD and DVD
Shared by srinidhi.Some users like shanky have received it.

Lazy to come to blog,Don't worry

are already receiving answers to their mail

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  1. Shanky  


  2. Winoath  

    Ya..i received it..

  3. songbird  

    isnt this for citizens of u.s. only? wt did u giv the ZIP code?
    indian pin code arent accepting..

  4. uma  

    Hi friends,

    Today I got a Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year audio cd for participating in ‘MAKE A ROCKET TO MEET RANBIR’ contest.

    thank you vinoth because of you only i participated and won.


  5. Winoath  


  6. Winoath  

    Ya amru..shanky lives in india only..i think they have changed it now..the form..it used to be different..put the pincode in the addres itself :P

  7. ashwin  

    hii winoth

    you can now promote your blog in orkut


  8. Winoath  

    ya,i know that orkut promote for ages..but nobody does these things :P

    nobody does facebook also..

    i have plans for that...,u will see tat during valentines day or during republic day itself if time permits ..

  9. Prasad Bhagwat  

    Hi Songbird and Vinod,

    Yes it won't allow Indian pincode at first time.

    Don't fill some required information and click on submit, it will again reopen the page with asking you to fill those. At this time there is no restriction on pincode value. You can now enter your pincode :-)

    This is what I did.

    Hope so that you can order it now.

    Let me know what happens.


    Prasad Bhagwat

  10. Winoath  

    thanks for the procedure....but it dint work for me..maybe i have done a mistake..anyways no problem..i am not going to play anyways :(

    hey songbird ,,check and tell..

  11. song bird  

    @vino, prasad:

    thnks both of u..bt at the mean time i dont want to apply.

  12. Winoath  


    lolz..if u dun wanna apply..why u put pincode :P ....ha ha ha..we will stop this discussion here,,

  13. Shanky  

    hey if anybody want to know that how to fill form....then tell it to me

  14. Winoath  

    tell it yaar,many people are asking na...it will be useful to all if u tell in comments

  15. Shanky  

    hey vinoath....chk your mail

  16. Shashank  

    I have already sent you a mail in which i told that how to fill form..........

  17. Winoath  

    Ya ..i got it shanky..wait..i will post..it is month end also.i dont have bandwidth :P to waste

  18. anup  

    got the cds.

  19. POMPY  

    hey creater!

    i am pompy from chandigarh! today i received dvd of remission game... all thnks 2 u... how to add pics?

  20. Winoath  

    Thanks for ur concern ...1 image is enough dear.I just ask images since i dont get these things correctly and i am curious to know how those things look like :) .Thanks for telling u got that.

    P.s: I think my aunt kept a nice name vinoth.It is better than creator :P

  21. ravindranadh  

    i also got this.
    I am from Andhra pradesh

  22. Prasad Bhagwat  

    Hi Vinod,

    I Yesterday I got 3 CD set of Re-Mission Game.



    Prasad Bhagwat

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