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COTD -  First COTD of Twenty Ten
1A. Thailand
2D. Hashanah            
3D. Gregorian 
4A. Spirits    
4D. Second                
5D. Italy              
6D. Square 
7A. Grape            
8A. Ecuador  
9A. Honey 

A Relaxed Mind, A Peaceful Soul, A Joyful Spirit, A Healthy Body & Heart full of Love..All these are my Prayers for You.Keep the smile, leave the tear.Think of joy, forget the fear. Hold the laugh, leave the pain, Be joyous , Coz its new year!HAPPY NEW YEAR*
This blog gave me friends and well-wishers  like ritu ,aishwarya ,sarvesh ,kriti ,amru ,arushi ,srinidhi ,
aparna ,uma ,gokulavan ,nishank ,roopal ,amit ,
karthik ,monte ,swati ,navnish ,oindrila ,venkata ,
biswas ,abhishek ,vaibhav ,vani ,sonu , mohit , priya,ashwin, kanchan,prasad
 bhagwat,krishnaprasad ,malten,adonline,rehka,
shahshank,sejal,shipradas,dimpy,rishabh,richa ,
deepa,kunal,anuj,deepak,siddhanth,shefalin and mr.murthy sir ,anonymous and the names whom i missed who will not take this seriously and comment their names if i missed their names Tongue out 

Without these people ,blog and my day will be incomplete.
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  • Cloudy with a chance of Meat Balls
  • 'Pyaar Impossible!' Contest
  • Win merchandises or meet adrian sutil
  • Win 3 idiots Movie Merchandise
  • Win 50 overdrive subscriptions
  • Win Blackberries and T-Shirts 
  • Win 5g apple ipod 

  • Thanks to sarvesh,ritu ,purush,srinidhi, and everyone who shared these freebies .
      Lockerz redemption is over during our new year celebrations.With so many people,i don’t think that everyone can redeem.If you have 2 minutes daily ,play it or quit it so that we will get a more chance to redeem next time. Thanks to sarvesh for calling me at 4’o clock in the morning about redemption and went to see that it is over at 4.10 .

    People who keep on asking me about whether c2w and lockerz is scam,never think about the other contests in the blog  .You are hardly spending 5 minutes daily in them.I even wrote a post for the reasons which may be a reason for  not getting these stuffs.

    I wrote hotel reviews which i sent to my E-mail subscribers which you must have thought it as a stupid post .Sarvesh and myself gonna got coupons in just 1  hour work and we will buy train tickets and  sell it and make money.

    Earning money doesn’t only mean getting checks to home.So please participate in the contests and win stuffs .And by the way biswas,arushi and ritu told that they have got 50$ for lockerz second redemption and sanal kumar send me the pics of his psp which they redeemed  .

    My best year of my life where i successful completed my new year resolution of getting rid of my addiction of downloading and watching movies .I watched more than 40 to 50 movies during  last December .I watched only 1 movie(Einstein and Edington) this December . 

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to this blog this year in the form of answers,contests,freebies ,comments,snaps ,encouragement .Looking forward for more help from you.


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    1. chetan jagga  

      hi you forget me your newly frnd chetan from www.candymoney.net

    2. Amit Garg  

      Hey dude, Happy New Year to u too...

      God bless dear...

      May ur blog rock even more this year around..


    3. Arushi  


      Friends Lockerz and C2W are not scam..

      I got two prizes from lockerz
      1. Sony Cybershot Camera 12.1 Megapixel (You can check the pictures)
      2. 50$ for second redemption

      i got a goody bag from c2w as well

      All thanks to Vinoth!!
      He invited me for Lockerz. May GOD BLESS YOU!! You get all the success, friends, money, fame in the world..

      Arushi Agarwal

    4. Rekha  

      Happy New Year

      Hollywood-HULK HOGAN
      Brain Teaser-POTATO
      Cricket-ALAN DAVIDSON

      & btw thanx 4 d comment on my contest http://in.c2w.com/hangman/88717-Herbal-Medicines

    5. ashwin  

      win ipod touch 8


    6. ashwin  

      i think this contest is over please not post its start 1 dec to 31 dec.

    7. Winoath  

      thanx for always helping me by giving proofs dear...hugs for ur wishes..i will surely meet u if i come to delhi :)

      Thank you

      that contest was nice.i read the questions only..even i dint played it.a little tough questions..i think they wil select tat for pts or prizes.it was nice concept..so i commented

    8. Amit Garg  

      Hey dude, I have been seeing a lot of it being said that C2W is a scam..

      Well buddy, I can share a lot of pics of prizes I have been winning so very frequently on C2W, all thnx 2 ur blog.. That can very well rest all doubts..

      If u do, let me knw ur email id, i will fwd d pics 2 u..

      God bless..

    9. Winoath  

      ya...sure...send mail to c2w1234@gmail.com

      I thought everyone know my mail id :-P

    10. Anonymous  

      ydpv g ´ tv 88

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