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autoexpo2010_logoUpdate :Ended 
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Yahoo has come up with an Auto Expo 2010 contest by which you can win an Apple Ipod Shuffle everyday .Two lucky winners will  get a special Yahoo goody bag daily. Answer five simple questions and get a chance to win them.
Ends on January 14 .
Click here to participate. If you want to share answers with others ,feel free to comment the answers.

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  1. ashwin  

    1 Common Rail Direct Injection
    2 Tata Indica
    3 SSC Ultimate Aero
    4 105 km/h
    5 Mahindra and Mahindra

  2. abheek  

    1) CRDI stands for Common rail direct injection
    2) Tata Indiaca
    3) Bugatti Veyron
    4) 105
    5)Mahindra & Mahindra

  3. Anonymous  

    1)Common rail direct injection
    2) Tata Indica
    3) JCB Diesel max
    4) 105
    5)Mahindra & Mahindra

  4. Winoath  


    seems like everyone is confused with the answer..taht why i dint psot the answer...ha ha ha...

  5. Anonymous  

    1. Find out the WRONG link of the subsidiary to its parent company

    Ans : Nissan-Honda

    2. Which is the small car General Motors launched during 2010 Auto Expo?

    Ans : Beat

    3. Which is the fastest diesel car?

    Ans: JCB Dieselmax

    4. A two-seater car is called

    Ans: Coupe

    5. Which country is Volvo from?

    Ans: Sweden

  6. Winoath  

    this is what unm sir has sent me.IF u want,u can se this answer.

    Dear Vinoth,

    There are new questions in this quiz today.I am sending my answers.You may post them after a check.(I checked in google already).

    1.Bajaj 2.GM 3.Red Dragonfly 4.Sportster 5.Ferrari


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