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I am not sure why some people not getting prizes from c2w while others are getting it.My friends even won monginis vouchers and got it and send it to me also .
If you have 5 minutes daily(there is 24 hrs in a day),you can play or continue c2w or otherwise subscribe to  blog and attend only other contests which are posted in freebies and contests  whose answers will not be posted .You have to do some work to win big stuffs . I already regret making people lazy by posting c2w answers.
Thanks to Amit garg who sent these pictures to me which he got from c2w in the recent days  .
It is your decision to stay or leave c2w or read this post  .
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  1. Shanky  

    Hey today i also got a ROCK CD from c2w

  2. Juin Chowdhury  

    Me Juin Chowdhury is one of them who didn't receive C2W Wrist watch which was redeem with hard earned prize points of 7500 as on 12th June'09. So please don't think people are misguided you with their wrong statement. Recently on last month I won a CD, that was not also come.

    More of all one of my friend didn't receive Rs.50/- talktime and some poster. Another of them not received Trendy Watch which he redeemed against 15000 points on last year & he came to know that courier person misplaced that product.

    Do you people think all of them are telling lie.

  3. Winoath  

    Got your snap..will post when it is nedded yaar.

    i think u haven't read the page fully..feel free to quit the site which doesnt give prizes to u..he he he

    u can see a mistke in courier people.

  4. Osmund  

    i had redeemed a 2 gb pendrive with 35000 prizepoints which i had but still didnt receave it 4 months past since i redeemed .i emailed them also but they dont reply.

  5. jaimin  

    c2w is the most genuine site which i came across..
    And very transperent in prize distribution.

  6. Amit Garg  

    Guys.. Lets be very frank on this..

    Vinoath is the guy who owns and manages this blog.. He doesn't have anything to do with C2W.. No need to blame him for anything, anything at all.. He's just speaking out on behalf of all those people who have successfully received their respective prizes which they won or redeemed at C2W.. And that too has nothing to do with the people who haven't received their prizes yet..

    As far as C2W is concerned, they are the most genuine people I have come across.. If you have won anything or have redeemed anything, you are bound to receive it.. But exceptions do occur when courier people misplace items.. But keeping aside all this, the C2W team places enormous stress on the genuineness of the members.. If you are not a genuine or an honest member, or you resort to unfair means in accumulating prize points, then they are bound to catch you and they keep all these points in mind whenever somebody redeems or wins any prize..

    So, I would just like to say that if you have something to say, do it in the right manner.. No point blaming people who have got nothing to do with it.. Atleast have some regards for the person because of whose blog (Ref.: VINOATH..) we are able to easily complete all prize point contests..

    Guys, I don't intend to amend ways out here.. Just that, I you can't do good for anybody, you don't hold the right to do wrong to anybody either..


  7. Winoath  

    Thanks amit.

  8. bloggerzspace  

    I received the Hair magazine today....

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