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coding contest

Since many computer geeks and IT employees uses my site,i am posting this contest.You can also share this contest with your colleagues and friends .

Global participants are now eligible for prizes:


Please do not discuss strategy, suggestions or tips in the comments during a live contest. Posting questions clarifying the problem statement is ok. If you are unsure, email us at feedback@codechef.com
Contest problems will become visible on December 1st 15:00 IST.
The contest will consist of 6-8 problems of varying difficulty.
You will receive one point for solving a problem (passing all test cases - no partial credit), regardless of the level of difficulty of that problem.
You can submit solutions as many times as you'd like, there are no penalties for incorrect submissions.
Each contest will have one min/max tie breaker problem, where the best solution will receive one point and all other solutions will receive a fraction based how close they come to the best solution.
In the unlikely case of an overall tie (including the same score on the tie-breaker) a winner will be randomly chosen from the top scorers.

Thanks kanchan for sharing this contest.

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