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MoserBaer Friday: Agyaat(10 Agyaat DVDs)
01 - 05 :BABCC
06 - 10 : BBCAB
Thank you mr.unm,ashwin,roopal.
Now c2w is a paradise of prizes and goodies.You will surely get a chance.Don’t quit or lose hope. Comment your name if you want this dvd’s contests and goodies except electronics,many friends will ready to give you if they win.Because many people have never won anything in c2w.They think that c2w is not giving prizes .I even got a DVD last week.Even friends who won the cool 9 bag got it.Maybe you check with couriers. Don’t ask me how .I even don’t know lolz :P

If you use c2w only for prizes,you will never understand things in c2w.I was doing the same mistake .You will never love c2w if u treat other people as just stupid images or icons.Just talk with people.Don’t get scared .People in c2w are so nice.

I got so many friends there(From a 9 standard school studying sisters to a 63 year old businessman who just plays c2w for his passion who is none other than our guest author MR.UNM).

Even i don’t play contests nowadays because of exams,but i always go there to chat with my friends.See your message box.It will tell you how shy u have been.Even Gmail starting sending alerts to spam since i was getting nearly 30 to 40 messages from my friends.

If you want any doubts about c2w ,contact snoopy or angelwings.I am a ordinary user like you.One girl even started abusing me since c2w was not crediting points.

 P.s:Don’t ask me anything for next two weeks.I am sleepy…so if there is any grammatical mistakes…just leave it…..

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  1. Shanky  

    hi Vinoth.......this is Shashank (Shanky)...i have never won anything big on c2w.....only i get a audio cd........please give me some goodies.......

  2. MADHAVI  

    hi vinoth,

    This is madhavi... I would be happy if i am given any free audio cds from c2w.. especially tum mile... I like those songs.. If u get one do giv me ... thanks....

  3. Anonymous  

    hi Vinoth.this is Winnie.please give me some goodies, as I won only flora gift voucher

  4. ankith007  

    hii im ankit
    i didnt won a single item in c2w

    plzzzz give me anything

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