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Hey Z-Listers, 
This is it! We're having the redemption for Z-Listers only at Lockerz.com. To accommodate our global audience in different time zones around the world, we are going to have two prize waves.  Our first wave begins on Monday, November 23 at 7PM EST and we'll do our second wave on Tuesday, November 24 at 12:00PM EST. 
Here's what you need to know before you go to PTZ Place for your redemption: 

    * Open only to Z-list members who have earned their status according to Lockerz official terms and conditions.

    * To allow as many members as possible to redeem, members are only allowed one (1) item 50 PTZ or over per calendar day.  If you violate this rule, your order will be canceled and your account will be subject to cancellation.  You may redeem multiple prizes 49 PTZ or under.

    * We are restocking MANY of the prizes posted on October 15, and on these prizes, we have NOT raised the PTZ levels!  However, we have also added some new prizes and assigned PTZ levels more in line with our future PTZ values in 2010. 

    * Absolutely no exchanges, no returns, no cancellations and no PTZ refunds on any and all redeemed prizes. Please select very carefully. 

    * All shipping is still free.  Please allow 3 weeks from time of your redemption to the time you receive your prize. 

    * Every package sent internationally will be labeled as a "gift."  This should eliminate or significantly reduce any import duty or tax in the vast majority of countries.  However, Lockerz cannot be responsible for paying any further fees or tariffs imposed by a recipient's local government. 

    * Use of any bots, cheats or fraud will result in immediate order AND membership cancellation.  However, your internet browser's autofill IS allowed. 

    * Before you redeem, make sure your address is correct in your settings as well as in your shipping confirmation page so we can get the order to you as quickly as possible. 

    * Last but NOT least, based on LAB and Z-list member input, we're testing a new part of our redemption process that allows you to reserve and guarantee a prize if the one you want is out of stock for a higher amount of PTZ.  This is not meant to replace our existing system of lower PTZ values but to add another option for those members who have larger balances and would like to ensure their prizes each redemption.  To take advantage of this new program please go to the "Lockerz Experiences" section.  Here's how it will work: 

    * Prizes priced at 0-250 PTZ can be guarantee reserved for 1,500 PTZ
    * Prizes priced at 251-500 PTZ can be guarantee reserved for 2,000 PTZ
    * Prizes priced at 501 - 750 PTZ can be guarantee reserved for 2,500 PTZ
    * Prizes priced at 751 - 1000 PTZ can be guarantee reserved for 3,500 PTZ
    * Prizes priced at 1000+ PTZ can be guarantee reserved for 4,500 PTZ

These items will all be shipped within six to eight weeks of your guaranteed redemption.

Congratulations on being a Z-Lister, good luck and as always, we want your feedback! 

The Lockerz Crew

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  1. suri_19_suri  

    Can u PLZ Tell me edt(ie USA Time Zone) time in Indian Time

  2. vinoth  

    The first redemption is around 4.30 or 5.30 a.m morning ...i am little confused suri...i am little sleepy...bye....

    anydoubts,check this out.


  3. pompy  

    can anyone please tell me what to do at lockerz.com i am new there so not getting wat to do....!!!!!!!

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