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What are you the most thankful for?

For god who gave me a nice family and  caring online friends who haven’t even met me who loves my blog so much.

About redemption :

Please give me time for posting.I didn’t go for redemption.This exams spoiled me getting a iPod.Even many people redeemed,but they are shy to tell those things like users who won in c2w who never tell that they won stuffs and never even say a hi to my friends who are helping me(it means you also) during my exams .

For more proofs ,check out facebook and orkut .50,000 redemptions out of 60000 Z-listers.Even many people redeemed more than one prizes below 49 PTZ.

Message to my tasmanian and poland visitors if you understand english:

I was little busy with exams in the past two days.That’s why i was not able to post the answers .

Miserable week is over :

I will be free from tomorrow because i will be having a lot of study holidays from now on..I have to read and reply to all my mails now(15 gmail accounts is not so easy to manage and i am a subscriber of 100 + websites and blogs.I have to read or atleast scim all of them what they have posted in the last two weeks) .Ah ! i forgot to sleep .I have to do it atleast today.

T-shirts Available :

There are T-shirts available to z-listers for redemption.Go and redeem if you want it.Thanks ritu for sharing these information .Other people will get chance to redeem soon.Stay tuned to the blog,i will post about it soon.Don’t forget that it is your luck and speed and patience will only gives you prize,not the PTZ you have. Lockerz (4 million users) has grown big and they can’t give it to everyone.

Please remember that i don’t follow this principle.

“If you win you need not to explain..But if u lose you should not be there to explain” -find out who said this.I don’t want to put his name in my blog.I hate him.

Lazy to come to blog,Don't worry

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  1. ashwin  

    hiii vinoth

    today i won 1gb sd memory card
    and 1 bag
    thanx for sharing answer

    this months i won (2 memory card),
    (1 pan drive ) , (2 audio cd),(10 pears soap )and las

  2. vinoth  

    great...u have a lucky month yaar..u also helping a lot nowdays..i wasn't able to talk to u...sorry if my users didn't say a thanks to you....Try giving answers,if u finish it first and if you are free.

    10 pears soap? it is awesome....what is las?

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