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If you are a IE user,it is a must read for you friends.This great open source browser, is not just recommended to webmasters like me but to every Internet user like you.

Do you know why you are using IE?

The only reason people you use IE  because it is preinstalled with Windows. People are lazy to download other browsers or they don’t know that there is a another way to surf the internet safely and easily.

Why Firefox ?

IE is not a safe browser when it comes to blocking spywares.Most of the spywares and malwares are written for IE.Even nowadays IE is used by 50 % of my blog users.Most of webmasters like us customize our blog keeping in the mind the compatibility of firefox mostly.


At that time ,we have to sacrifice the compatibility of IE, like the Bookmark button at the right hand side of the blog which doesn’t work in IE .The overall share of Internet Explorer is already down to around 50% (15% down from last year) and that of Firefox has increased to around 30% (20% growth from last year) .

You may currently be using Internet Explorer but Firefox is faster which means that you don't waste time waiting for web pages to load. You can customize Firefox to have it look the way that you want, and function the way that you want.

Firefox is fun, free, and easy to learn and use so download it today .

Why mozilla is free?
They earn around $40,000,000 / year .Near the address bar, you will see Google search box .Google pays millions to Firefox for doing that. Firefox also accept donations.

Click here to download firefox for free.

Mozilla celebrates fifth year this week.So thought of posting it.

Reason for writing this post:Instead of just posting answers of contests and giving links of stupid DVD contests,the blog may be treated as a knowledge sharing blog.I already wrote a post  facebook talking control in INDIA.You may have seen the proof now.Orkut shifting to new ways to cope up the pressure of facebook.But IE is not doing any minor changes  for many years.Opera is also a great browser,but it is not compatible with some websites.

Lazy to come to blog,Don't worry

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  1. sonu  

    That is gud that it is the 5th anniversary of Firefox but it takes lot of space.I found Google Chrome faster than this. It opens all the sites.It takes less space than Firefox. For orkut Google Chrome is the best. So try to download Google Chrome. IE is slower than the rest.

  2. Malten  

    New IE version has Tabbed browsing like Opera, Firefox. It's a major change.

    Overall, Firefox is the best of all.

    I asked C2W about the prizes. They said they already sent it to my address. Many Courier companies are having bad guys.

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