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Want a free laptop? My friend has already got a laptop.
Suddenly i am getting a lot of invites from friends for getting a free laptop .It is only 100 % scam .Don't join and waste your time.

They are running this scam from 2005. We need to stop day dreaming and wake up to reality. No one is going to give you a $1200 laptop for reading emails. I wish it was so.My pc is crying so much that i will dump her into the basket.I am giving her rest which she enjoys only when i am not in home. Already my ups dumped me today(november 10):( .I would love to have a laptop.

You are not going to win a car, a house or $1000 sitting and reading emails. The sooner we wake up and stop day dreaming the sooner we can rid ourselves of these scams. The only reason why these scams last so long is because people fall for it.

You can understand a sweepstakes, but for everyone to receive one? This is just too bogus to believe that someone is giving out laptops for reading emails.

Stay away from this one, a waste of time and internet space. If anyone has been scammed by this site be sure to report them. Help spread the word so people wont be so easily scammed.
I may be wrong in my studies about this site.If you have got your laptop ,don't forget to send me a snap of your laptop with your smiling face and don't forget to give us a treat.

Source:Ripoff reports
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  1. coolamru  

    LOLzzz..... This is a pretty funny article!! I cant bare laughin...
    U have a realy nice way to speak ur mind.. :D

  2. vinoth  

    Did u laugh dear...then i will surely try to develop this skill before next year...this post is not so worth laughing....thank you for telling a biggest lie of this year lolz...u will see a lot more of me next month....

  3. vinoth  

    @amru...i just saw your icici life insurance in your blog...i even opened it...do check out your earnings tab :) .

    But u haven't updated your blog for more than a year lol....hope you update it during your first anniversary as a blogger ....and don't forget to send me....ur lovely kerala climate making u lazy :P ...even my neighbour sherin went to kerala and never returned :(

  4. coolamru  

    i really had a gud laugh after readin ur vry amusing article.. seriosly :D it was funny!!

    blog insurance? aaha.,..wot is dat? lolzz

  5. Saikat  

    I read your review and wanted to thank you for the advice. I am relatively new to these kind of sites and thought what they were saying might be true. I even deleted the account info at ez laptop although i had supplied private info like my home address and mobile number and am concerned whether they have been permanently deleted or not?! I would also like to know if there is any way to report this site to some kind of authority on the internet who has the power to permanently ban this site? Thanks once again for the helpful review..

  6. vinoth  

    eh...did u forgot that u ahve adsense in your blog lolz......

  7. vinoth  


    u may be new to my blog na....there is no way to report the site.....only if people didn't become shy and help others get out that place,,,nothing can be done....awareness has to be created......

    P.s:no need to say thanks sai..then u ahve to tell thanks thousand times...tell thanks to guest authors like mr.unm and roopal and ashwin ,shanky and all who helps in blog.

  8. Saikat  

    @ vinoth
    ya, i am new to your blog as well as to c2w and lockerz.
    and i'll thank all the guest authors as well as anyone else who help other people out. cheers :)

  9. Subhashini  

    Thanks for this post sir.I have been also wasting a lot of time on this site for getting laptop and i requested a laptop before ne month and i didnt get it.

    I would hav wasted my time if you havent told about this site.

  10. Saikat  

    :) :) :) :)

  11. himanshu  

    Hey I have one question to ask. I am also using ezlaptop from over 6 months and is near about to redeem laptop( a few credits left) I am getting a new message in my account to upgrade to premium membership and get 25 credits in my a/c by ezlaptop just for paying them 10$ via paypal. So please guide me if I would do this or not) My mail id is himanshu1125@gmail.com

  12. Admin  


    never do that yaar..it is a big scam,cheat,liar.
    dont waste your money.they will run away with that.

  13. Baby Einstein  

    Thanks for your informations...

  14. Winoath  

    @baby einstein
    ur name looks funny..ha ha ha

    what is ur age baby?

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