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The Giant Travel Quiz (Win 1 SatNav's PND and 250 points)
1-5 : BCBAC
6-10 : ACCBB
11-15 : ACACA
16-20 : BCBAA
21-25 : CBBCB
26-30 : BAABC
31-35 : AABAC
36-40 : BBBAB
41-45 : AAAAC
46-50 : BBCAB
Thanks to Ashwin.Very tough one.

Q1 The Glass House in Bangalore is one of the places worth seeing. Where is it located?
Q2 These caves dating back to 600 A.D. are located on Gharapuri Island in Mumbai’s harbour.
Q3 The National Emblem of India is adapted from the?
Q4 angalore has its own palace – the Bangalore Palace. Which royal dynasty owned this palace?
Q5 What does the wheel on India's flag symbolise?
Q6 Which is the earliest known civilization of India?
Q7 The word ‘Bangalored’ is included in some dictionaries. What does this word refer to?
Q8 Bangalore is also known for its film industry. By what name is the Bangalore film industry known?
Q9 Who is said to be the founder of the city of Bangalore?
Q10 During a day of sight seeing, which of the following would you NOT see in New Delhi?
This city is a Union territory and is also the capital of two Indian states. Which is this city?
Q12 This town is famous for it's tea plantations.
Q13 A town that houses the world famous Sun Temple, which is a popular tourist spot. Which is this town?
Q14 The place also has the first casino in India, which is this place?
Q15 A prominent metropolis which has the famous Salar Jung museum. Which is this metropolis?
Q16 The city of palaces. Which is this city?
Q17 A very popular tourist spot in Southern India is known as God’s own country. Which is it?
Q18 Where would you find the only sanctuary of Asiatic lions in the world?
Q19 It flows through a tiny bit of northern Maharashtra, before emptying itself in the Arabian sea.
Q20 This is the main river of the primarily dessert state of Rajasthan. A river with inland drainage.
It empties itself into the Arabian sea near Panaji (Panjim), the capital of Goa. Name this river
Q22 In which Indian State would you be if you were holidaying on “Calangute” beach?
Q23 Which famous monument was built to commemorate the end of plague in Hyderabad in the year 1591?
Q24 In which State of India is the Pushkar Lake located?
Q25 Which India city is also called the “pink city”?
Q26 Which town is the provisional capital of Uttarakhand State?
Q27 hich of these is the official residence of the President of India?
Q28 Which city is the capital of the new State of Jharkhand?
Q29 Which Indian city is also referred to as Tatanagar?
Q30 In which State in India would you find lions?
Q31 Name the capital of Manipur
Q32 Dispur is the capital of which State of India?
Q33 In which sea are the Lakshdweep islands located?
Q34 Which of the following national parks would you visit if you were in Gujarat?
Q35 Which faith is the famous Lotus Temple of New Delhi dedicated to?
Q36 Which city was once known as the “Manchester of India”?
Q37 What animal would you especially expect to see at the Kaziranga National Park?
Q38 Where is the port of Kandla located?
Q39 Which were the two main cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation?
Q40 Who was the first recipient of India's highest civilian award?
Q41 What is the the source of the river Indus?
Q42 Which are the 3 sites in Agra included in the UNESCO World Heitage sites list?
Q43 Where is Golkonda Fort located?
Q44 Who was the founder of the city, Kolkata?
Q45 Name the largest glacier in India?
Q46 The largest cave temple in India?
Q47 The maximum translated literally work in India?
Q48 Indian state with maximum number of districts?
Q49 Which was the first state to be created on the basis of the language spoken there?
Q50 Four of India's first thirteen Prime Ministers are from which Indian state?

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